Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts is a vibrant and welcoming organization run by co-directors Rabbi Zvi & Shulamit Konikov, along with Rabbi Mendel & Chaya Osdoba. We have been serving the Jewish community here on the Space and Treasure Coasts since 1990 under the inspiration of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Our mission is to bring the light and warmth of Judaism to every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation.

We believe that Jewish education is key to the future of our community and have made it a central focus of our organization. Our Jewish day school offers a comprehensive curriculum of secular and Judaic studies, and our summer camp, Camp Gan Israel, provides a fun and engaging environment for Jewish children to learn, grow and make new friends.

We also love celebrating holidays and hosting fun events for the community. Our annual Purim celebration, with its international theme series, has become a favorite for locals and attracts hundreds of participants each year. Our car menorah parade, which we've been holding annually since 2011, is a sight to behold and a great way to celebrate Jewish pride with the wider community.

At Chabad, everyone is welcome regardless of their level of observance, knowledge or background. Our programs and prayer services are designed to create a warm, family-friendly atmosphere where everyone can feel at home. We offer a variety of adult education programs, classes, and services that cater to a wide range of interests and levels of observance.

We invite you to become a part of our community and experience the warmth and vitality of Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts. Whether you're looking for a place to pray, learn, or connect with other Jews, you'll find a home at Chabad.

We look forward to welcoming you!


A Brief Timeline