Torah Academy is known for its high-level academics and forward thinking educational philosophies that make it a truly unique 21st Century School. 

Our goal is to create a school environment that will nurture the natural love for learning that each child has and foster their holistic growth in all areas - academic, social, emotional and spiritual. Our school boasts a rich curriculum that exceeds Florida State Standards while inspiring Jewish pride and deep connection to our heritage.

The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting; the energy is positive and engaging. Our classrooms are filled with abundant sunshine, cozy reading corners and modern work-spaces that allow for every child to learn in the way he or she most prefers. Students can sit on yoga balls, on the rugs or at traditional tables. Self-expression is celebrated and individualism is encouraged. Learning is always a positive experience at Torah Academy.

Our staff are trained & certified educators who are selected for their skill as well as their personal warmth and love of children and passion for educating. Our professional development program ensures that all teachers learn to individualize the curriculum and to connect with every child, as is the signature of a Torah Academy educator.

We accept Step Up for Students Scholarship.


“Environment is the third teacher.”

–Reggio Emilia


Aligned with the Florida State Standards,
Enhanced through an Individualized and Hands-on Approach


Using an integrated approach to literacy, our print-rich environment encourages early reading development in Kindergarten and inspires a love of the English language.
Our robust literacy curriculum includes Self-Paced reading acquisition, Writer’s Workshop, a strong Spelling & vocabulary Program, and a focus on verbal and creative expression. our students participate in the Scripps national Spelling Bee in addition to local, state and national writing contests.



Our math program emphasizes reasoning and comprehension of core math concepts through hands-on learning with math manipulatives. Our curriculum focuses on the development
of strong number sense, excellent mental-math skills, a deep understanding of place value, and critical problem solving skills.



An inquiry-based model allows our students to approach
science with questions and to uncover answers through laboratory
investigation, data collection, prediction, and experimental design. Weekly science experiments and monthly projects ensure that our students engage scientific study from multiple angles and are inspired to view the world from an inquisitive and investigative perspective.



The goal of our social studies program is to teach and reinforce specific academic skills, including the formulation of interpretations of history, supporting ideas with evidence, taking notes from lecture and discussion, and organizing and prioritizing information. our social studies curriculum also helps our students gain an appreciation for various cultures and traditions while reinforcing respect for diversity. Our students study local and international Communities, State and national government, American History, Basic Economics, Current Events, and World geography.



More than a set of “rules and rituals”, Judaism gives our students’ the grounding and perspective to deal with any and every situation that life will present. It brings them joy, wonder and mindfulness. It gives them the sense that they have a purpose in life, one that only they can achieve. It cultivates self-assurance in Jewish identity that will later become the stalwart of their adult lives. This is the greatest gift we can provide our children. The goal of our Judaic Studies curriculum is to transmit a comprehensive knowledge of Judaism, along with a profound commitment to Israel and the Jewish people. Children experience Jewish traditions as cherished and beloved by celebrating the joy of Jewish living, Shabbat and holidays. At the same time, teachers cultivate an understanding that “different families observe Judaism differently”, and create opportunities for each child to share how he or she celebrates Jewish identity in their home.

Our school is dedicated to engaging our students in a relationship with the language, culture, land, and people of Israel. As an integral part of Jewish identity and peoplehood, we bring a far-away land to the hearts and minds of young children by focusing on connections in their personal families, the holidays and Jewish history.



Our VALUES-based curriculum focuses on character development and self-discipline, as well as life skills (including independence, problem solving, and social negotiation).

At Torah Academy, we believe that good ‘Midot’ (character traits) are the foundation of an upright and moral person. Good ‘Midot’ focus on positive social interactions as well as self-control and self- regulation. Developing good ‘Midot’ supersedes any academic learning that a person might achieve because if a person lacks these interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, how far can his/her academics alone take them? As such, this curriculum is the focus of our year. We continuously reinforce it throughout the day at various times—during learning, mealtimes, and recess. Every 3-6 weeks we focus on a specific positive character trait, which is further broken down to weekly points. These include, among others: Kibud Av V’Eim (honoring parents and grandparents), Hakorat Hatov (being thankful), Derech Eretz (being respectful), Chesed (kindness), Emet (honesty), Lashon Tov (fine/ positive speech), Shalom (being peaceful), Baal Tashchit (not wasting) and so on. Using books, songs, stories, role-playing and many more activities we strive to introduce and reinforce these positive traits in our students.

While children are young and their hearts are open, we introduce the fundamental Jewish value of performing mitzvot (kind deeds) by integrating a variety of chesed (kindness) projects into every aspect of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to give tzedakah (charity) daily and play an active role in deciding how to distribute the funds. At Torah Academy, our children begin a lifelong commitment to caring for others.



Co-curricular specials, offered once or twice a week, include: • Literacy Program

  • Visual Arts Program
  • Music
  • Physical Education


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