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Seymour Memories

לע"נ שלמה זלמן בן ברוך


Loss for Words

Words cannot express the deep sorrow we feel at the passing of our dear friend and special member of our Chabad family in the way he was kept from being comforted by all of us and his Rabbi in his last final journey. 

We have known Seymour for 20 years and know we will never again hear his beautiful voice emotionally recanting the amazing story of his experiences in Poland during his youth. 

We spoke many times on the phone and received  notes whenever anything special was done for him like starting the precedent in Lori Lane of him sitting next to the Rabbi at the Farbrengan or making sure he had a full plate of food no matter where he sat at our many functions. 

He was so touched when we planted a tree in  Israel in his late sister's name--whom we had met so we are doing the same for him. 

We were very fortunate to have known him. His bodily presence will no longer be with us but his spirit and goodness will not be forgotten.... May seymour's tree grow straight and tall and bloom forever.                                  

Sensitivity and Empathy

Me and my daughter Deb will always be touched by the warmth of Seymour.  When Irene passed, he made a special effort, with tears in his eyes, to console Deb.

Of course, just his presence was a joy for me.  His mind was always so sharp and clear.  I prize most his telling of his youth and all he went through to escape the Nazis.  His coming to America and working hard to make something of himself stands out.  He prided himself in his giving of charity.

My Dear Friend Seymour

Seymour Baum was a very special person for me. I loved listening to him daven and sing and we always enjoyed conversation. He and I spoke on the phone often. I loved his stories and his endearing ways to my Moishe and me. May he be a "godt baterrin" for us all. I was so looking forward to be able to visit him more but was told no one was permitted. Knowing him for 20 years was our pleasure . Having come from the same country as my dad, may he rest in peace, hearing him daven was listening to my father again. He will be missed so much.

Tales of Deliverance

From my early memories of Seymour over the many years we shared the blessing of his presence in our midst, what is strongest is his beautiful voice as he davened with us. Shloma Zalman was a giant of a man in spirit and action over his life, while small in stature. I could sit for ours listening to him reciting the tales of his heroism under the most difficult situations in Poland while he was active as a partisan in fighting the Polish anti semites as well as the Nazis.

He and his group would impersonate Polish soldiers and go into barns where groups of frightened Jews were held for delivery to the Nazi's. There they would kill the guards and rescue groups of Jews and bring them into the woods where they would hide out, taking care of the elderly, women and children. Seymour lived out the life that we saw acted out in the movie Deliverance. When his group eventually were found , Seymour was able to escape onto trains. He was captured and confined to the camps, but Thank Hashem, he survived and after the war, eventually was able to come to the U.S.

His adventures in farming and business were also fascinating tales. Finally he came to Brevard where he blessed us with his love and life devoted to good deeds and friendship for us all.

He was always very kind to me and the memory of Seymour and his sweet voice will always remain in my heart. Our Kiddush and Fabreingens will not be the same without Seymour sitting next to our Rabbi, providing us with wisdom and stories.

Surely his neshumah resides in the home of our Most Holy until he rejoins us when Mashiach come.

Mitzvah in Seymour's Memory: I will remember him through good deeds and charity to the best of my ability. 

Seymour's in our Hearts

Seymour's voice was very kind, respectful, and strong. I loved
listening to him speak.

He was a generous, giving person with a richly felt presence.

He is very much in our hearts.

Our Friend

Seymour as ChazzanWe bury our loved ones in the earth, but you always remember them with love, in your heart.

So it shall be with our dear friend, Seymour Baum. He was more than just a "friend". He was a special member of our "Chabad Family" - deeply loved and highly respected.

Seymour loved life! He was truly a "yiddishe mentsch" - a very proud, independent individual, Seymour had a special "gift" - a beautiful voice!
He shared this talent as our "chazan" on shabbos mornings and holidays. It was such a pleasure and enjoyment listening to his "davening"! Yet, he was so unassuming.

Over the many years, we were fortunate to be in his company. He always remembered our children and grandchildren. They in turn will never forget his thoughtfulness.

We, as did others, visited with Seymour at the Rockledge Rehab. At that time he was able to communicate with us. Speaking with him in Yiddish, reassuring him that "he was not forsaken or forgotten by his Chabad Family". We'd like to believe those words gave him a feeling of hope and strength.

With love in our hearts for this very special person, he will always be remembered.
Seymour Baum
Shlomo Zalman
"A Yiddishe Mentsch"
"Our Friend"

Jolly, Smiling & Welcoming

Dancing with SimchaOne of the first members of the community I got to know was Seymour. Seymour was the friendly, jolly fellow you'd meet as you walked into shul. He always was there to greet you with a smile, a yiddish phrase and a good word.

I always remember Seymour singing so beautifully. He would stand up at the Shabbos Kiddush Farbrengen and get everyone moving. Sometimes bringing us to tears or to uncontrollable laughter. Seymour's special 'niggunim' (songs) were the highlight to many Purim parties and Chanukah celebrations. One particular song that sticks in my mind, is 'lamer alle.. give mir a bissele vain, lchaim'! Seymour, you will sorely be missed.

One special moment that I constantly reflect on is when Chana Konikov had her birthday. Seymour made a l'chaim for her and gave her a beautiful blessing that still rings in my ear.

Everyone loved and still loves Seymour. We will keep talking about him, remembering him, and being influenced by him.

Soon, Moshiach will come and we will be able to continue celebrating together. By taking on one mitzvah at a time we are hastening the coming of Moshiach. Seymour, I want to take on a mitzvah to greet everyone with a smile and help brighten ones day like you so much inspired all of us to.

Mitzvah in Seymour's Memory: Greet everyone with a smile and help make someones day brighter. 

Our Last Visit to Seymour

Seymour holding baby Avrohom at his BrisSeymour was in the Rockledge Rehab on Barnes. We were told it was impossible to get in to see him. Well that's a word we have a difficult time with. I sat near the front door keeping the receptionist busy while Gloria scouted out the situation and as she always manages she found his room and used her southern charm to keep the aide / bodyguard off balance while I got into his room. I won't say to much about his appearance, better we should all remember him as he was in better times. Gloria spoke to him and he tried to speak but was unable because he had a breathing aid over his nose. You could see his eyes glowing in recognition of what was transpiring. I got up close to his head and I told him I was going to give him the priestly blessing and he nodded his head and we shared a truly holy moment together. Seymour was fully cognizant of what was going on at that moment and I am sure it was as moving for Gloria and me as it was for Seymour, and we will never forget the last time we saw Seymour.

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