Our brothers and sisters are counting on us!

Dear Friends,

Your donation is saving lives!

With the situation in Ukraine worsening day after day, the critical work of the Chabad Shluchim continues unabated. As Israeli Prime Minister Bennet tweeted:

“There is nothing like Chabad in the world ❤. Every time Jews get caught in distress, no matter where it happens in the world, you will find Chabad angels there who are trying to help.”

Communities around the world are uniting as never before to help our brothers and sisters from the Ukraine. I am making a heartfelt request to our community here at Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts to help support the efforts of the Chabad network of Shluchim who are coordinating relief efforts on behalf of the Ukrainian Jewish community.

The war has forced some Shluchim to evacuate with their communities. Many escorted busloads of refugees. Some have made harrowing journeys through bombed out streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Still, they’re working to provide critical, lifesaving relief.

Thanks to your efforts, the Ukraine Jewish Relief Fund has already distributed over five million dollars to help the Jews of Ukraine! Your gift is essential.

Your generous contribution helped us distribute critical food packages in 131 communities throughout Ukraine. Food Distribution Cost: $1,691,470.

Your donation helped us evacuate 30,000 people to safe locations in Ukraine and 15,000 people to neighboring countries. You enabled 9,800 people to travel to safety in 185 busses; 5,100 people in minibuses; 7,200 people by train; and 8,000 people via private transportation. In Odessa alone, we have organized 35 evacuation buses to Moldova in the last three days. Evacuation Cost: $2,600,000.

With your assistance we were able to provide the Shluchim in refugee locations the means to host and feed over 10,000 people. Accommodation Cost: $270,000.

You enabled us to sponsor 6 planeloads of refugees traveling from Romania and Hungary to Israel. Transport Cost: $378,000.

Chabad Shluchim throughout Ukraine and in neighboring countries such as Poland, Moldova, Germany, Hungary and Romania are working 24/7 to assist the battered Jews from Ukraine who are in dire need of food, clothing, housing, medical provisions and much more.

Your charitable donation is saving lives. But there are still more people to save!

­Chabad is the backbone of Jewish life in the Ukraine with 384 representatives serving communities throughout the country. Chabad remains committed to help Ukrainian Jews, whether in Ukraine or wherever they may have relocated to. Please continue to support the efforts of the Chabad Shluchim by making a donation today to the Ukraine Jewish Relief Fund. Please consider sharing this message with family and friends so that they too can support the vital work of the Chabad Shluchim. 

Every dollar you donate allows more people in Ukraine to evacuate. Every dollar you donate allows more refugees in the surrounding areas to get urgent medical care, to get food, clothing and shelter. They are looking to you for help, don’t let them down!



Many people have turned to us offering to provide a multitude of services – in addition to their monetary contributions – in order to assist our brothers and sisters from the Ukraine. Chabad Headquarters is operating a dedicated helpdesk for people to call or email with inquiries or offers of assistance. With the situation changing minute to minute, we are working closely with the Shluchim on the ground to quickly ascertain the current situation and provide timely responses. To reach the Chabad Helpdesk, please call 718-977-5503 or email to [email protected].

For updates on the situation in Ukraine:

With best wishes,

Rabbi Zvi Konikov
Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts

The fund is run by the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS in coordination with Lubavitch World Headquarters. Your contribution is tax-deductible in the USA. Tax ID Number: 13-3970940