Men, Women & Children!
Be there when the Torah is given for the 3,334'th time.
You don’t have to travel to the desert—it’s happening right here!
Come hear the Torah reading of the Ten Commandments.

There will be
two readings of the Ten Commandments on Monday: During the 10am holiday services and again at 5:30


Sunday, May 16
Candle Lighting: 7:48 PM

Evening Services 8:00 PM

Monday, May 17
10:00 AM - Yom Tov Services & 10 Commandments

5:30 PM - 10 Commandments & Gourmet Dairy Party
Followed by Evening Services

Light Candles after:* 8:45 PM

*Light only from
pre-existing flame.

Tuesday, May 18
Yom Tov Services: 10:00 AM

Yizkor: 11:15 AM

Holiday ends: 8:46 PM