Guidelines for entering Chabad for Shabbat Morning Services
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Dearest Chabad Family, 

As the official guidance from the state and county continues to incrementally and slowly allow further phased opening, Chabad has endorsed a careful plan that enables us to have limited Services inside Chabad. We are tremendously grateful to Hashem for the opportunity to once again connect to Hashem in our holy Shul and its sacred spaces. We also, extend our appreciation to the rabbis and lay leadership from other Florida Shuls with whom we have been working throughout this period. We are all adopting similar plans at the same time.

We recognize that not everyone feels comfortable or confident davening indoors at this time, even with the extreme precautions we are putting in place. In such circumstances, davening alone at home is halachically ideal and appropriate. 

Please pay careful attention to the following guidelines and procedures:

Services Procedures:

  • In an effort to reduce exposure as much as possible, services will be shortened to 1 hour.
  • While it is most unfortunate, there is a lot of research linking singing (particularly with a raised voice) to the spread of infection. Therefore, the cantor will significantly limit the amount of singing.
  • Torah reading procedures will be modified to reduce any potential spread of infection.


  • At this point, we are not accepting sign-ups for children below the age of bar mitzvah.
  • Current medical guidelines strongly discourage those aged 65 and above, particularly those with chronic medical conditions, from attending.  That said, members in this category who consult with their primary care doctors and receive their permission to attend are welcomed to do so.

Building Logistics:

  • Doors will be propped open to avoid having to touch the door handles. 
  • It is advised not to use the public bathrooms at this time. Please keep this in mind before arriving at shul.
  • Walk directly to your designated seat, remain there for the duration of the abridged davening, and exit immediately at its conclusion without socializing or touching anything inside.

Services Logistics:

  • Services will have very limited capacity, with all seats already spaced at a great distance from each other. When you enter, please sit at your designated seat and please do not move seats around. Members of the same household will be grouped together.
  • We will have a designated prayer book placed on seats. 
  • Masks (paper or cloth) that fully cover the nose and mouth are absolutely mandatory inside the building at all times. Chabad will be kept slightly cooler than normal to minimize discomfort. 
  • If you are even the slightest bit ill, with any cold, cough, fever, body aches, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste or simply feeling under the weather, you must stay home. Err on the side of caution. This is one of the safest ways to ensure the health of everybody else. By entering our Shul, you are actively affirming that you are completely healthy. 
  • By attending any of our Services you fully agree to inform us if you are subsequently diagnosed with Covid-19. This is imperative, so that other attendees of that minyan can be properly informed and respond accordingly. Your anonymity will be absolutely maintained. 
  • This rule is painful but necessary: there can be no socializing before or after davening. Arrive on time just before services and leave as soon as it ends. This helps reduce the amount of time that we are spending together in the same room.
  • It is imperative to register for services. This is necessary for two reasons:
  1. We have limited capacity by design and do not want people to show up only to be turned away.
  2. If somebody who attends does God-forbid contract the virus, we need to be able to inform all the attendees.

We know these are uncertain and challenging times. While this is very welcome news for many, for others who either are unable to attend or who feel it remains unsafe to attend minyan in any venue at this time, it doesn’t represent a significant change. Our heart goes out to you; we desperately want to make this time easier for you. We miss you, care about you, and can’t wait to be together with you again. Your Rabbis continue to be available should you wish to discuss any of the specifics of this email or if you have any concerns whatsoever. 

Thank you,

Rabbi Zvi Konikov


Or contact Rabbi Motty Rosenfed - 9174743257