Yud Shevat - Jan. 23

  • Saturday, Jan. 23

  • Jewish communities around the world are preparing for 10 Shevat, Wednesday, Jan. 23 which marks the71st anniversary of the passing of previousRebbe , and the day his son-in-law, theRebbe , assumed leadership.

    In his inaugural address, theRebbe outlined his vision for the Jewish people and the world, expounding on the Divine purpose for creation. In its inception, this world is a garden, a place of Divine revelation. Our mission is to reveal that.

    Yes, the world today seems full of falsities that can cloud our vision. The darkness can be so intense that the worst of humanity - hate and evil - can rear its ugly head.

    None of that, however, is the truth. Our mission is not just to subdue the darkness, not be dragged down by it, but to subvert it. To turn the source of untruth on its head, revealing its Divine vision and elevating the world.

    May we be blessed to make this world a "dwelling place for G‑d" with the revelation ofMoshiach !

    Rabbi Zvi Konikov

    We will be marking the momentous anniversary with a community farbrengen.
    More details to come.

  • To learn ore about the rebbe and how to commemorate this special occasion click here

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