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Parking Application

  • The parking lot at the Chabad Jewish Community Center is a tow away zone. As a courtesy to its neighbors, a limited number of permit are available for those wishing to park in the lot.

  • Vehicle Details

    Please note: Cars must be re-registered when the car has changed, even if plates remain the same. 

  • Terms and Conditions

    I understand that parking in the Chabad Jewish Community Center lot is a courtesy offered by the center. Chabad reserves the right to suspend this right at any time as it deems necessary. During high attendance events, you will be notified via email to temporarily remove your car to allow Chabad maximum use of their lot. Additionally, a permit will be revoked if any of the following terms are violated. 

    • Maintain low speeds while entering and exiting the lot.
    • Car must be kept in working order with all windows and doors shut.
    • When given notice before an event, cars will be removed temporarily.
  • Should be Empty:
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