What Others Are Saying

“My experience with Chabad of the Space and Treasure Coasts has been very positive. I look forward to many years of intellectual stimulation, spiritual growth and deep friendship with Rabbi Konikov and the important organization that he leads”

-Judge David C. Koenig

“Mikvah is truly a spiritually uplifting experience, a time that I look forward to regularly. Currently, the distance to the closest mikvah makes visiting challenging. That’s why I was so delighted to hear of the plans to build one locally. this wonderful project will make visiting the mikvah more convenient and welcoming for me and many others in our community.”

-Lilach Solomon

“The mikvah for me is emotionally and spiritually moving as I feel connected to the myriads of women throughout the ages that were willing to sacrifice everything to observe this special mitzvah. It is a magical, indescribable experience and to have one right here in the neighborhood will truly be a blessing.”

-Susie Glick