Megillah Come fulfill one of the four Mitzvot of Purim: HEAR THE MEGILLAH!
The Megillah, a.k.a. ā€œThe Book of Esther,ā€ is the scroll that tells the Purim story. Listen to the public reading twice: once on Purim night, and again on Purim day. This year, thatā€™s Monday night, March 8 and Tuesday, March 9, 2020.

Monday, March 9Ā - Fast of Esther*
6:25 am -Ā Fast beginsĀ 
TBDĀ 6:45Ā pm -Ā Fast of Esther Mincha serviceĀ 
7:52 pm -Ā Fast endsĀ 
8:00 pm - Megillah Reading

Tuesday morning, March 10Ā 
TBD 7:00 am - Morning ServiceĀ 
TBD 8:00 am - Megillah Reading

at Chabad of the Space & Treasure CoastsĀ 
1190 Highway A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

5:00 pm - Megillah Reading during our Purim NYC party

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