CurriculumOur comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program is designed to promote each child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth.  All games and activities are skill-based and goal oriented, so that the children are growing with everything that they do.


We encourage the children to develop self-motivation, active investigational skills through questioning, exploring and observing, and the thinking and problem solving abilities needed to thrive in a world of challenge and competition.  Children are surrounded with books, literacy experiences and exposure to the alphabet to prepare them for pre-reading and the reading that follows.


We encourage each child to work and play with others, to develop language communication skills, to respect the rights and privacy of heir peers and most of all to develop feelings of kindness, courtesy, helpfulness and acceptance.


Children are provided constant opportunities to develop their small and large muscle skills, to develop finger strength and dexterity, and arm-eye and body coordination. 


Children are encouraged to develop a positive self-concept, to understand the difference between right and wrong and to develop responsibility.  They are encouraged to recognize that people are different and to be accepting of others and we help them learn and practice appropriate ways to respond to others and to express their feelings constructively.

Integrating Tradition & Jewish Pride

Lesson plans at Torah Academy are built around the events influencing the children at the time that they are being taught. Weather changes, special animal habits, national celebrations and holiday seasons all determine what will be brought into the classroom at any particular time of the year.  All these are laced into the general curriculum to allow the children to learn from what is going on around them. The children experience all the Jewish holidays through art, song, dramatic play, language and literacy.