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12-13 Tammuz Farbrengen

  • Monday, June 25th | 7:30 PM

  • The Farbrengen will be helt at Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts

  • On the12th of Tammuz of 1927, the sixth Lubavitcherrebbe , RabbiYosefYitzchakSchneersohn , was officially granted release from his sentence of exile to Kastroma in the interior of Russia.

    Twenty-seven days earlier, theRebbe had been arrested by agents of theGPU and theYevsektzia ("Jewish Section" of the Communist Party) for his activities to preserve Judaism throughout the Soviet empire and sentenced to death, G-d forbid. International pressure forced the Soviets to commute the sentence to exile and, subsequently, to release him completely. The actual release took place on Tammuz 13, and Tammuz 12-13 is celebrated as a "festival of liberation" by theChabad -Lubavitch community.

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